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Structural Engineering

M Tech (Structural Engineering) provides thorough knowledge of structural engineering, that is, from design stage to construction and completion. It is a two-year full time programme. Any BE/B.Tech graduate can apply for this postgraduate level programme. M Tech (Structural Engineering) also provides ample job opportunities for the degree holders. They can work as structural engineer in any government or private organization.

M.Tech in Structural Engineering program includes advanced structural mechanics, finite element analysis, structural dynamics, structural reliability and optimization, reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, steel structures, design for wind and earthquake, tall buildings and towers, computer applications in structural engineering, etc.

Structural Engineering is concerned with the research, planning, design, construction, inspection, monitoring, maintenance, rehabilitation and demolition of permanent and temporary structures, as well as structural systems and their components. It also considers the technical, economic, environmental, aesthetic and social aspects of structures.

Structures can include buildings, bridges, in-ground structures, footings, frameworks and space frames, including those for motor vehicles, space vehicles, ships, aeroplanes and cranes. They can be composed of any structural material including composites and novel materials.

Structural engineering is a creative profession that makes a significant contribution to infrastructure, industry, as well as residential and recreational developments.

Structural engineers carry out strength calculations and prepare drawings of structures to ensure they are strong enough to avoid collapse when loaded. The most common structures dealt with are buildings and bridges, but tunnels, walls to hold back earth embankments, large tanks and silos as well as mining structures, also form part of a structural engineer's work.

Some structural engineers work in the design of structures (carrying out the strength calculations and supervising drawings), others specialise in the building of structures and some work in research. Structural engineers commonly work with architects, builders, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers to ensure that all parts of the structure are safe and capable of fulfilling their intended function. They also make sure structures use appropriate materials efficiently.

Lab Facilities:

The department is equipped with one leased line and one broadband Internet connectivity of 4 Mbps to facilitate the students and faculty members to cope with the highly demanding Internet era. The department also has two Hi-end IBM servers. The department of Computer Science & Engineering has conceived with Advanced Programming, Internet & Web Designing, Software, Database, Networking, Architecture and Multimedia labs. Concrete & Structural Engineering Lab.

Geotechnical Engineering Lab.

Design & Detailing of Concrete Structure Lab.

Survey Practice.

Material Testing Lab.

Hydraulics Lab.

Transportation Engineering Lab.

Environmental Engineering Lab.

Design & Detailing of Steel Structure Lab.

AUTO CAD Lab for C.E.Drawing

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