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Why choose CSE at HIT ?

Computer Science Fundamentals:

This will never go out of fashion, and yes, when I look at students coming out of our colleges, this appears to be a rather neglected area. Far too much emphasis on specific programming languages, and specific “technologies” is a mistake. Whatever the future holds, you will be well served by knowing the basic theory of computer sciences. Learn data-structures and algorithms. If you don’t have a favorite data-structure, and an algorithm that you find beautiful, then your computer science education is incomplete. Department have excellent teachers to educate the basic theory of computer sciences in the academic 4 year curriculum.

Presentation skills:

One of the most important aspects that computer science students are missing is the skill of presentation. You must treat presentation as equally important, or more important than your program, design, and algorithms. And you must spend as much time learning presentation (from books, in classes, and in practice) as you spent on programming languages, and computer science subjects.

Department provide different educational tools (includes audio and video) and gives a platforms to improve your presentation skill in the changing world.

Students participated in national and international conferences and seminars for the paper presentation.

Department organized different technical skill development programme throughout the academic session.

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